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2016 Conference

Dear Colleagues,

The BHDMA board has been working diligently at developing a conference for October 4th & 5th. We have 28 hours of training opportunities scheduled; but we can use more.  We have 20 speakers/presenters committed on a variety of topics; but we can use more. We have 23 vendors/sponsors; but we can use more.

The Board is asking that you thoughtfully consider being a part of the 2016 conference. If you have a passion for a certain topic, we want to hear it. If you have a GIS skill that makes your job easier, we want you to share it. If you or your organization is new to the conference or haven’t been part of the conference for a while,  we welcome you as a vendor/sponsor.

All responses should be directed to:

  • If you would like to be a speaker/presenter please put “Speaker” in the subject line.

  • Please include a short abstract, computing needs of the audience (if any), and time slot(s) needed (30 minute increments).

  • If you would like to provide a training opportunity please put “Trainer” in the subject line.

  • Please indicate if your training requires a computer lab or can be done in a conference room.

  • Is there any software requirements (Lab computers have ESRI products).

  • If you want to be a vendor/sponsor, please put “Vendor” or “Sponsor” in the subject line.

  • As a sponsor, please indicate the level of sponsorship you be willing to provide (please see form).

We look forward to hearing from you no later than July 1st  2016 for vendors/sponsors and  July 8th 2016 for speakers/presenters.

Best Regards,
Roger A. Brees
President – Black Hills Digital Mapping Association



The Black Hills Digital Mapping Association originated in the early 1990's because of a need for the development of digital data in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Geographic Information System base data layers were desired, and coordination and sharing of funds between local counties, the state, the US Forest Service, and the USGS enabled the creation of these digital products. The group continues to meet on an annual basis because there is a strong desire among members to learn about new technologies, learn how GIS projects are being implemented in this region, receive training, and learn about data sharing opportunities.

The organizaton registered with the State of South Dakota as a non-profit corporation in 2005. The membership base includes representatives from all levels of government (Federal, State, County, and City) and the private sector, and includes over 100 members.



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