Geologic Mapping in the Black Hills at 1:24,000 scale

Project Description

The need for 1:24,000 scale geologic maps has become crucial in parts of the Black Hills of South Dakota, however, geologic map coverage at this scale ranges from good quality published maps to areas that have little or no mapping. The Geological Survey Program is producing geologic maps in areas of the Black Hills where these maps are needed, in cooperation with the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, the West Dakota Water Development District, the U.S. Geological Survey EDMAP Program, and the National Park Service.

Why are maps like this needed?


Status of 1:24,000-scale Geologic Mapping in the Black Hills, South Dakota
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Maurice Spearfish Deadwood_North Sturgis Savoy Lead Deadwood_South Deadman_Mountain Tilford Nahant Minnesota_Ridge Nemo Piedmont Blackhawk Rapid_City_NW Deerfield Rockford Silver_City Pactola_Dam Rapid_City_West Rapid_City_East Medicine_Mountain Hill_City Mount_Rushmore Rockerville Fanny_Peak Signal_Hill Berne Custer Hermosa Clifton Jewel_Cave Fourmile Mount_Coolidge Dewey Jewel_Cave_SW Pringle Wind_Cave


Geologic Map of Wind Cave National Park

Fagnan, B.A.; Lincoln, B.Z.; Lincoln, T.N., 2013
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