Hutchinson-Turner County Study

Project Description

New test-hole drilling and geologic mapping are currently ongoing within Hutchinson and Turner Counties. Historical and recent test-hole data, aquifer maps, bedrock maps, and publications are being used to produce an updated set of 1:100,000-scale maps of the surface geology and bedrock geology. These updated maps will be complemented with a report, further detailing the geology and hydrology within Hutchinson and Turner Counties. Subsurface information is obtained through drilling test holes accompanied by a written descriptive analysis of the materials drilled. GIS analysis and field survey methods are used in conjunction with the test-hole data to yield a thorough investigation of Hutchinson and Turner Counties. Additional Hutchinson County test holes will be drilled in the summer of 2021, with the final revisions of all Hutchinson-Turner County Study maps and reports occurring post-drilling.

Several aquifers are present in both Hutchinson and Turner Counties and their aerial extent, thickness, and depth are currently being mapped.


Geologic mapping is currently in progress for both counties. Geologic contacts are being proofed by field visits and GIS analysis.