Potter County Study

Project Description

This study is an ongoing investigation of geologic and hydrologic resources in Potter County. The results of this study will be a series of 1:100,000 scale maps of the surface geology, aquifer materials and bedrock elevation. These maps will be complimented by a report further detailing the geology and hydrology in the area. The information is primarily gathered through drilling test holes where descriptions of the lithology are recorded. Field surveys and GIS analysis are also used to support the test hole data. This project will further define the areal extents and thicknesses of the Okobojo Creek aquifer and the Bowdle aquifer. Currently this study is focused on collecting test hole data in the northwest and eastern areas of the county.

The base map in this figure is a 5-meter DEM showing the surface terrain. Overlayed on top of the DEM are the completed test holes (white diamonds), the road network, and the current areal extents of the Bowdle and Okobojo Creek aquifers (black lines).