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Most Recent Publications

Open-File Report 94-UR: Hydrocarbon Contamination Assessment Northeast of the Intersection of Jefferson and Cherry Streets Vermillion, South Dakota <Text>

Open-File Report 93-UR: Hydrogeologic Investigation of the Upper-Vermillion-Missouri Aquifer <Text> <Plates>

Aquifer Materials Map 36: First Occurrence of Aquifer Materials in Turner County, South Daktoa <Map> <GIS files>

Geologic Quadrangle Map 22: Geologic Map of the Tilford Quadrangle, South Dakota <Map> <GIS files>

Oil and Gas Investigation 5: Assessment of South Dakota's Sand and Alumina Resources for Use as a Proppant

Geologic Quadrangle Map 21: Geologic Map of the Spearfish Quadrangle, South Dakota <Map> <GIS files>

Geologic Quadrangle Map 20: Geologic Map of the Savoy Quadrangle, South Dakota <Map> <GIS files>