South Dakota Statewide Geospatial Conference

July 24-25, 2019
Mitchell Technical Institute
Mitchell, South Dakota

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The 2019 South Dakota Statewide Geospatial Conference will be held July 24-25, 2019 at Mitchell Technical Institute in Mitchell, SD. The general purpose of this biannual conference is to share information related to Geospatial Information Systems, remote sensing, Global Positioning Systems, and digital mapping applications. Conference attendees will learn about the latest advances in geospatial technologies and how they are being used, meet other people from around the state and region who use geospatial technologies, learn how geospatial technologies can be used to enhance GIS in education, and learn where to find geospatial datasets.

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Key Topics

- Local, state, federal gov't apps
- LiDAR and terrain applications
- Emergency management
- GIS in education
- Natural resources management
- Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
- Public utilities
- Mobile applications
- Emerging technologies

Keynote Speakers

Joseph Kerski
(Esri Education Manager)
Terry Sohl
(EROS Landcover Program)
Mark Freund
(SD State GIS Coordinator)
Birgit Peterson
Chris McGinty


- ESRI Hands On Learning Lab
- Beginning ArcGIS Online
- Advanced ArcGIS Online
- Drones in Education
- Survey 123
- Leveraging Python
- AmericaView TBD

Participating Vendors

- Frontier Precision
- EagleView
- AE2S
- Fugro
- Esri
- WhiteStar Corp
- Merrick
- North Point Geographic Solutions
- Houston Engineering
- Mapillary