South Dakota's Oil and Gas Initiative

Project Description

Work is in progress to create, compile, and disseminate information having the potential to aid economic development in South Dakota related to the exploration and development of oil and gas resources.

SDGS Interactive Data Map
The SDGS Interactive Data Map provides access to state-held information that may be pertinent to the exploration and development of South Dakota's oil & gas, and other natural resources...more.

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Oil and Gas Data Sets
Use online databases to search for and download data for a single location or larger areas. ...more.

Results and Published Products
Several significant products resulting from the oil and gas initiative have been completed and published by the Geological Survey Program. These, and all other publications of the Geological Survey Program are available for free download from the Geological Survey Program web site ...more.

In-Progress Activities
Preparation and organization of several additional data sets and maps are currently underway. Once these products are complete, they will be available through online access ...more.

Planned Activities and Products
Work will soon begin on additional data sets and other products. Progress on these activities will be posted on this website ...more.