• Each zipped file contains:

    • four (4) image files (.sid)--one for each quarter quad in the selected 7.5' quadrangle. The quarter quad is designated in the filename by a suffix of a, b, c, or d indicating northeast, northwest, southwest, and southeast, respectively
    • associated world header files (.sdw) in NAD83 format
    • header files for both NAD83 (.n83) and NAD27 (.n27) format
    • a general header information file (.hd), which contains the source image date. See a map of the dates the photos that make up the DOQs were taken

  • The files for download have been compressed using MrSID compression software.  ESRI's ArcView software versions 3.1 and later have the capability to display MrSID files when added as image themes. 
  • Download the ExpressView Browser Plugin  by LizardTech to view these images with your internet browser. 


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